BIBS is a high-quality Danish brand, established in the 1980’s and refined over several decades.
Every product is carefully designed and manufactured exclusively at our headquarters in the Hillerød, north of Copenhagen, Denmark. Office, production, and warehouse are all door to door, so everyone has a feeling for the whole process of making a pacifier.

We are also a company that places great demands on quality and creativity in everything we do. That is a big part of the reason for our continued growth.
We have a clear ambition of selling the best baby products – and of being the best partner for our customers. Nothing less.

BIBS Denmark ApS is an independent company that has the only and exclusive right to produce and distribute BIBS to the rest of the world. Our values ​​are based on professionalism, originality, and high ambition.


At BIBS, we cultivate the original. We appreciate new thinking and are happy to surprise each other. We need to be able to feel each other’s commitment and passion. We always strive to go the ‘extra mile’ to exceed the expectations of  our customers and each other. We are a spacious community with room for each other’s differences and unique talents.

We display professionalism and decency in everything we do. Our organization is characterized by confidence in the fact that we all take responsibility. We do this because we have a clear balance of expectations and a clear picture of what each of us need to contribute. We all know the limits of our powers, and senior executives delegate confidently and clearly.

We have the courage to be ambitious and room to be intensely concerned with success to achieve our common goals. We go to work every day to make a difference in every corner of the business. There is will and persistence behind the things we put into practice.

We currently have no vacancies, but you are always welcome to contact us with an unsolicited application.

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