BIBS de Lux is the NEW classic round pacifier in a modern, aesthetic Danish design.

It has the iconic matte finish known from the other BIBS pacifiers.

The pacifier is made with 2 different nipple types – 100% natural rubber latex or silicone. The round shape of the shield is made to resemble the mother’s breast and is therefore an obvious choice for your baby.

The pacifier is available in a beautiful colour palette with more than 25 different colours. Additionally, BIBS de Lux is also available with a white knob on selected colours, which makes it easy to put your baby’s name on it. This is why BIBS de Lux is a favourite choice for children starting day care.


The BIBS de lux pacifiers are designed to accommodate the need to personalize pacifiers. There are many online shops today that provide the service of printing a name or a tag line on the shield of the pacifier, so they don’t get mixed up in day care.

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